About me

My name is Luis Bueno Perez, I am an Interaction Designer currently working at Credit Suisse, Zurich.

I have worked on various design disciplines and during the last 6 years I have specialized in UX Design, working mostly on software and applications of high complexity, such as: monitoring systems, industrial software or productivity applications.

I work following a User Experience methodology and a Data Driven approach, and my goals are: understand problems, systems and patterns, improve efficiency and turning insights into opportunities. I also advocate for accessibility as a core part of projects and businesses. 

Between my responsibilities I create interaction patterns, wireframes, visual concepts and prototypes, write specifications and communicating with Project Managers, Researchers and Engineers.

I have worked for companies and clients in telecommunications, banking, industrial and insurance sectors in Spain and Switzerland, such as: Credit Suisse, Google, Bankinter, BBAA, Swisscom, Sennheiser, Adcubum or Z├╝hlke.